HRM-5 Studiohörlurar


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Complete clarity and comfort

These studio monitor headphones have been built specifically for all stages of the music production process.

Their design ensures an accurate, neutral sound and a comfortable fit even during

long recording and mixing sessions.

The HRM-6s are made to go the extra mile including an HD driver and 2-layer

damping structure that deliver crystal clear frequencies of up to 40 kHz.

Key features

  • Studio sound quality

    The 40 mm HD driver units faithfully reproduce frequencies

    of up to 40 kHz, so you can hear every detail of your tracks.

    Plus with a maximum input of 2,000 mW distortion is

    reduced to a minimum even at high volumes.

  • Accurate sound

    Bass reflex chambers in the housings improve airflow

    to deliver an excellent bass response, while a large

    rare-earth magnet and rigid aluminium, 2-layer damping

    structure eliminate unwanted resonance for cleaner

    low to mid frequencies.

  • Comfortable monitoring

    The soft leather ear pads with memory foam provide

    a snug and comfortable fit during long studio sessions.

    The freely adjustable headband and swivel mechanism

    let you find the best size and angle to suit your needs.

  • Compact and portable

    Their foldable design makes these headphones easily

    transportable and you can use the compact carry case

    to keep them safe wherever you go.


    Detachable cables

    The HRM-6s come with a 1.2 m coiled cable

    (3 m when extended) and a 3 m straight cable both

    providing an optimal performance during recording

    and mixing. They also include a 1.2 m straight

    cable for use on the move.                                     

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