Media / CD-Spelare Tabletop

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Looking to find your gateway to DJing? The MDJ-600 is exactly what you’ve come to expect from Gemini – more features, more intuitive layout in a compact size. It is a CD/USB media player that lets you DJ effortlessly from virtually any digital audio source. Designed for the best possible mixing experience, it has standalone functionality with high-resolution touch platter, large display, auto-looping, and many more innovative features to take your music to a new level. When used in conjunction with V-CASE, our free library management software, you can prepare your tracks ahead of time so when you are DJing, you can fully focus on your performance. By pulling your prepared beat grids and hot cues from V-CASE, the MDJ-600 allows for total control from a stand-alone player. With the best features, the MDJ-600 gets you effortless control in all demanding performances.


Feature-Packed Player

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, the MDJ-600 is a fully-featured media player that won’t weigh you down. Its fully customizable jog wheels let you adjust the resistance to find the feel perfect for you. Auto looping, hot cues, and multiple platter modes let you create mixes with minimal effort.


Large LCD Display

The 4.3” LCD touch screen brings an interactive interface for DJs to easily browse music library and visualize full track information along with a precise waveform window.


Plug ‘N’ Play

Packed into a robust body, the MDJ-600 is a plug and play device that requires no software installation. Play from USBs or CDs, so you can manage or prepare your tracks even before heading out to the gig.


Full compatibility with V-Case means that you can play your entire library from one source.

Artikelnummer: C655-00062