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Grym Serato add-on kontroller från Pioneer!
Med denna lilla enhet ökar du garanterat din produktivivtet i DJ-båset!

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Pre-mapped buttons, dials, pads, and fader for dynamic performance with Serato DJ
The DDJ-SP1 is equipped with pads, faders, dial and buttons specifically designed for controlling all Serato DJ’s features. The DDJ-SP1 inherits the familiar layout from Pioneer’s popular controller range, with a few updates to make the DJing experience even more enjoyable.

”PERFORMANCE PADS” to enhance performance features for truly hands-on live performances
Sixteen rubber Performance Pads are assigned to seven modes: Hot Cue, Roll, Sample, Slicer, Auto Loop, Hot Loop and Manual Loop. The LED illuminated pads’ Velocity Mode lets DJs control the sample volume with the amount of pressure they apply. LED illumination on reach pad gives DJs an instant visual reference for the state of play

“SAMPLER VOLUME FADER” enables effective finger drum performance
Sampler volume can be controlled intuitively in finger drum performances by “SAMPLER VOLUME FADER” just next to the “PERFORMANCE PADS”.

“SLIP MODE” enables music arrangement without affecting development of sound sources
Slip mode silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance. Plus, precision loops, scratches and reverses are made easy by Slip Mode by connecting a CD Player or DJ controller.

“FX KNOB/BUTTON” controls iZotope Inc. Effects featured in “Serato DJ”
The DDJ-SP1 has knobs and buttons in the same layout as “Serato DJ” for operation of iZotope Inc. Effects, providing more intuitive effect controls.

Professional build quality and ultimate portability
The compact, slim DDJ-SP1 was built with portability and professional use in mind. The rubber pads and buttons are robust and durable, while the aluminum top plate gives the controller a premium look that will look good in any set-up.

Free download of the “Serato Video” plug-in for sound and image control
A voucher for a free download of the “Serato Video” video control plug-in, which works with Serato Inc.’s DJ software (“Serato DJ”, “Scratch Live”, “ITCH”) is included in DDJ-SP1. It makes it easy to insert various video mixes, effects and image files, etc. synced to music.

Fully MIDI assignable to control any DJ software
The DDJ-SP1 can be used as a fully assignable MIDI controller and supports all kinds of MIDI-compatible software.
Other features
Can be mounted on Pioneer DJ stand “T-U101” (marketed as X-STAND)

Software: Serato DJ Serato VIDEO
Input/ output port: USB B terminal x 1
Maximum dimensions: 328 mm (W) × 178.7 mm (D) × 47.4 mm (H)
Unit weight: 1.4 kg

Artikelnummer: D16330